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Amir Halgal (アミル・ハルガラ Amiru Harugaru?) is one of the main protagonists of A Bride's Story. Originally apart of the Halgal family, she moved to a small town near the Caspian Sea in order to marry Karluk Eihon.


Amir has an average to tall height, slightly taller than the women around her, and towering over Karluk. She has a healthy, athletic built evidenced when uncovered by her clothes, fair skin, and long black hair usually tied in a single braid.

Amir wears the typical clothes for a nomadic woman, with the tribal patterns and embroidery that her family wears. She wears a number of accessories and cover her head with a hat underneath a tied veil.


She is friendly and hard-working, very dutiful in her everyday tasks, and holds no ill will towards others even during heavy conflicts, only causing harm if it's to protect her young groom. She is skilled in household chores such as cooking and sewing, and is also as fierce hunter and fighter when the situation calls for it.

She is very polite towards elders and acquaintances, but brings out a more playful and flirty side while in the company of Karluk.

Having come from a nomadic lifestyle, she at times seems like she's out of her element in the settled lifestyle of her new family (not understanding the need for new clothes, hunting for game when it's fallen out of practice, etc. She's very respectful of their practices while still following her own.


Karluk Eihon[]

In the start of their marriage, their age difference came into play a number of times due to Amir's concern over Karluk's health, treating him like a child and fussing over him constantly in a manner befitting more of a mother rather than a wife. Over time, Karluk worked to change himself to become stronger, and Amir has since begun to see him less as a child and more as a growing adult. She still wishes he could grow a bit faster.

Amir reassures him throughout the course of various months that in spite of his age, she loves him all the same for who he is, and is happy to have been married to him instead of an old man (a likely scenario in her age); she believes this way they'll be together for longer.

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